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Out of the swampy cypress lakes of northern louisiana emerged a dark-eyed faun-like creature. Enveloped in nature and seeing the beauty of the murky darkness, she built art of all kinds from the spanish moss, branches and bones of deceased wildlife. Sculpting the slippery clay-like mud into fellow forest creatures and lazy fairy nymphs, she surrounded herself with the spirits of rebirth and creativity. It was only a short while before she started using her own body as a canvas for experimental and ornamental design. Satiated by the sacrifice of skin and offering of blood, the loa of lusty louisiana blessed Becca with a window into the other realm, where she met and fell in love with non other than Chad the Impaler. This was a secret passage into the backdoor of the rich depth of voodoo culture of nouvelle orléans where Chad and Becca now reside. Today you can visit her for adding that beautifying sparkle accent for only the cost of one drop of blood. The sacrifice is worth it for most...a simple pierce that you can carry for years to come. So come see the special lady, at Mid-City Voodoux Tattoos, and walk out reborn, enlightened and bedazzled! Soyez béni!