Ocean Care cream is designed to moisturize and protect your new tattoo. This unique all natural patented formula is enriched with USP grade ingredients, essential vitamins and minerals to leave your skin looking healthy and nourished.

Artists & Aftercare

  1. 1.UNWRAP. Leave the bandage on for at least 1-3 hours. Do not exceed 12 hours. UNWRAP and DO NOT RE-BANDAGE.

  2. 2.CLEAN. Unwrap and wash tattoo with clean hands, mild soap (Dial, Dove, etc), and warm water. Lather, rinse, and repeat until all ointment is cleaned off. Clean at least once a day for the remainder of the healing process.

  3. 3.DRY. Pat area dry with clean cloth.

  4. 4.MOISTURIZE. When tattoo becomes dry/flaky, begin applying a small amount of fragrance-free lotion (Eucerin, Cetaphil, etc.) once a day at first, then twice a day every day after.

DO NOT SOAK your tattoo in the shower or bath.

DO NOT WASH your tattoo with sponges, cloths or brushes.

DO NOT DRY your tattoo with dirty cloths or RUB dry.

DO NOT SWIM in pools or hot tubs for at least 2 weeks.

DO NOT EXPOSE to DIRECT SUNLIGHT for 2 weeks and always protect your tattoo with SPF.

DO NOT PICK, SCRATCH, or RUB throughout healing process.

Blue Green Foam Soap was designed to effectively wash your new tattoo without causing excessive damage or drying. Enriched with aloe vera, this soap will help to moisturize while disinfecting your tattoo.

Tattoo Aftercare

Ocean Foam is a unique, all natural patented formula that is the first of its kind in the tattoo community. This skin barrier foam is designed to moisturize a new tattoo and also lock in the ink. The foam infuses your skin with vitamins and minerals. It also creates a protective barrier for your tattoo, acting like an invisible bandage. This creates the optimal healing environment for a new tattoo.

Aquatat is the first ointment created to effectively protect your tattoo with its pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Aquatat is FDA approved as well as being dermatologist recommended! Specifically made for the industry, this ointment serves to promote skin health with its high antioxidant content while improving your skins natural nutrient absorption. Fragrance free and made with sensitive skin in mind, Aquatat eliminated the mineral oil commonly found in other ointments and replaced it with palm oil for its non-clogging, rejuvenating properties.

Aftercare may be different if you circled YES to anything on the consent form at the time of your tattoo. If you have any questions or concerns, call or come by anytime.

We also carry a variety of H2Ocean brand aftercare products that can be purchased at the time of your tattoo.